Captain Tom

Tom First Time at the Helm
Tom First Time at the Helm of Lollipop

I have always loved boats, from toys that I played with in the bathtub as a boy, all the way to Lollipop, a 37-foot trawler. Some of the steps along the way include canoes, aluminum fishing boats, fiberglass runabouts, pontoon boats, and sailboats. Always dreaming, always wishing to be on the water; however, inland Georgia is just not a big boating area.

Dream or Fantasy?

For decades I have read boating magazines and dreamed of making The Great Loop.  In my dream, I have studied specs and knew what I wanted in a boat.  But, I also knew that Deb would require some additional comforts to convince her to come on this journey with me.  I had plenty of ammunition in my arsenal as she loves seafood, the ocean, fresh air, the sunrises, and sunsets, as well as an occasional glass of wine (Hello Docktails!).   I guess the timing is never perfect, but my wise dad told me to “travel before I get too old to travel.”

So here we are about to embark on the trip of our life. Complete with all the questions and fears that go with it. I know the Lord is in control and has a plan, but my head is still spinning, asking myself is this happening.