What’s up with Lollipop?

When Deb and I were in Fort Pierce, Florida, I had a bicycle accident. Immediately after getting on the bike, I clipped a parking curb with the left peddle, sending me over the handlebars onto the asphalt. I landed on my palms, left elbow, and head (yes, I was wearing a helmet, and the only way I know my head hit is from the scrape on the helmet). Aside from the road rash and my pride, I was fine. I got up and started my trip.

Now for the story. Several days later, when I woke up, my left arm was asleep. I thought I had slept on it wrong and figured it would get better; however, it worsened. Deb and I saw the town, and while at the mall, I decided to go to one of those massage places. I thought they could work out the knotted muscle or pinched nerve. This turned out to be pure torture. After about 10 minutes of actually crying from the pain, I left. That afternoon I decided I could live with the pain a few more days and see what happened. When sitting in my recliner, the pain level is zero; walking, the pain level is a two, and sitting on a hard surface, the pain is like a 5 or 6.

Yes, I am stubborn; knowing that we would be going home for a while when we got to Jacksonville, I planned to see my doctor if it was not better. Before we got home, I set up an appointment. The PA saw me and gave me two anti-inflammatory shots and a couple of RXs and said to come back in a week if I was still hurting. She would set me up with an Ortho appointment. The Ortho doctor told me he thinks I have a pinched nerve from a herniated disc in my neck. So six weeks of physical therapy begin next week, and if I’m still in pain, a trip to a spine doctor will be next.

Well, that’s where we are now, almost five weeks after my arm began hurting.

Meanwhile, Lollipop is sitting in the marina at Jacksonville, and Deb and I are watching the days on the calendar pass by as we get behind on our loop journey. I’m not sure how all this will play out, but I have to get well before we can continue.

On the positive side for Lollipop I have several more projects that are perfect to get done in Jacksonville and I plan to get back and start on them.

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Captain Tom

For decades I have read boating magazines and dreamed of making The Great Loop. I have studied specs and knew what I wanted in a boat. I guess the timing is never perfect, but my wise dad told me to “travel before I get too old to travel.” So here we are about to embark on the trip of our life.

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