Lollipop’s GFI Trouble

While cruising Lollipop, we have had a couple of times tripping the electrical pedestals at marinas with new, up to the current electrical code, ground fault interrupt, or electrical breakers. The first time we thought it might be a marina problem, but after the second time and some reading on the forums, it seemed it was probably Lollipop. Unfortunately, at the same time, she was built to the 2000 electrical code any marina updated to the current code caused Lollipop problems. Enter Eric Waverley, who owns New Point Marine. Eric specializes in tracking electrical issues, and we arranged for him to spend a day on Lollipop to address her problem.

GFI breakers compare the power going to the boat to the power coming back on the neutral. Unfortunately, Lollipop was returning several amps on the ground wire. After some detective work, Eric found a couple of neutrals and ground wires tied together and was able to separate them. Lollipop is now good to go with the new GFI marine pedestals.

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